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Dr. Elaine Asyah Aquil


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Glen S
'' l had severe pain in my lower back. It did'nt go away after a few days, so I knew it was'nt just a muscle pull. I made an appointment with Dr. Aquil, she analyzed my problem. With x-rays she was able to show the cause of my problem. My back bones were not lined up properly which caused them to pinch a nerve, very painfull. Through chiropractic care, counseling, and a heel lift she gradually put the bones back to where they belong. I consider myself very fortunate to be free of pain without surgery or drugs, Dr. Aquil has been my chiropractor for over 15 years...''
Glen S.Patient
Naeaman Y.
My name is Sh'corah and I am Naeaman mom, i brought him to Dr. Aquil because of his seizure disorders which he has experienced for over 30 years, as a result of chiropractic care he is experiencing fewer seizures. He is more alert,his coordination is better, and his over all health has improved, Naeaman says that Dr. Aquil is his favorite chiropractor.
Naeaman Y.Patient
Becky D.
I have relied on Dr Aquil to help me maintain my health for over 15 years.
Becky D.Patient


by Shaquanda W. – 14 Year Old Patient

My chiropractor can be trusted
She will keep you well adjusted
She’ll make sure that you will lack
Subluxations in your back
Those twists and turns in your Nerves
Will form a perfect spinal curve
With an adjustment and a hocus pocus
She will help your scoliosis
When you are cured a little bit
Don’t get too excited for you must not quit
The only time for celebrations
When there’s no more subluxations.


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